About Us

SATBA (South African- Turkish Business Association) is a non-profit and non-governmental business association founded by businesspeople living in South Africa in 2007 and operating in Johannesburg.

The Turkish entrepreneurs who want to invest in South Africa and South African business people who are open to collaboration with them, living not only in South Africa, but also in a network of more than 30 African countries, Europe, Middle Asia, Turkey, USA, Canada and Latin America are potential members of SATBA. 

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where we are

We are currently operating in Sandton and Birdhaven, Johannesburg.

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what we do

We host and facilitate a number of events and business meetings bringing Turkish, local and immigrant businesspeople together.

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what makes us different

We are linked to almost 30 African countries, Europe, Central Asia, USA, Canada, Latin America and Turkey.

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We dream to become a business association which has an active role in the growth of the South African economy over the next 5 years with our extensive network of over 130 countries and business and entrepreneurial experience of over 10 years in South Africa.

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We aim to provide synergy and cooperation which will encourage creating new business and investment opportunities for our members. 

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Maintaining trust, cooperation and professional ethics among its members


As business people who believe that unemployment, division and poverty are at the heart of society's problems, we regard having an effective role in solving these problems, especially poverty, as a responsibility in the society we live in. That’s why SATBA also supports initiatives those will contribute to the educational and social development and social peace that will increase the level of economic prosperity of its communities.