Market Entry

SATBA arranges appointments to its members for specialised meetings with potential partners from different industries who were found through a comprehensive research.



SATBA collaborates with many business chambers, trade organisations, suppliers and traders.


Business Facilities

Our office is at an accessible location in Johannesburg, fully equipped and the doors are always open to our members to use facilities such as a computer, telephone, and photocopy machine, fax and Internet which are available to all its members.


Government Services

SATBA works with the government officials and can assist its members with government-related requirements such as company formation & registration, license renewal, permits, commercial and legal consultancy, typing services, and more.


Research & Analysis

SATBA can offer market research and analysis services through third parties that will help you make the right decision regarding the investments in various fields.


Market Updates & Sectorial Reports

SATBA keeps an eye on the economic developments in the region and provides timely and valuable information to its members on projects, opportunities in the RSA and Southern Africa, and exclusive sectorial reports through its partners in RSA and sister business associations in the region.


Trips & Trade Fairs

Trips & Trade Fairs: SATBA organises business trips to surrounding countries and distributes information about the trade fairs from all over the world to the members. 


Translation Services

We help our members in Turkish-English/English-Turkish translation services during the meetings and for the documents


Extensive Linkages

SATBA has a strong linkage to Turkish origin businesspeople through its partner business institutions in Africa, Europe, US, and Asia-Pacific.